Workshops' list
2014 Robot co-worker - Towards a society supported by robot co-workers (external site)
2010 Italy-Japan 2010 Workshop "Education and Robotics" (external site)
2010 WSK-TNg Summer School in Autumn 2010 (external site)
2009 WSK-TNg Summer School in Autumn 2009 "From Communication to Collaboration" (external site)
2009 Italy-Japan 2009 Workshops on "Service Robotics" and "Surgical Robotics" (external site)
2009 ICRA 2009 - Workshop on "Current Challenges and Future Perpectives of Emotional Humanoid Robotics"
2008 Waseda-SSSA-KIST Summer School 2008 "Fundamentals of Biorobotics"
2007 Italy-Japan 2007 Symposium "Robots are already among us!"
2006 Italy-Japan 2006 Workshop "Robots and Humans"
2005 Italy-Japan 2005 Workshop "The Man and the Robot: Italian and Japanese approaches"
2003 Italy-Japan 2003 Workshop "Research on Humanoid, Service and Rescue Robots in Italy and Japan"
2001 Italy-Japan 2001 Workshop "HUMANOIDS - A Techno-Ontological Approach"
(external site)

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